Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Billy Mackey Interveiw

Billy Mackey Colorado local, style officianaire!

Simple questions simple answers

What do u think of the label "gypsy"?

well i am not one nor is any kook in snowboarding, 
"gypsys" wouldnt be snowboarding right now

im just winning the fashion show thats all

What appeals to u about COLORADO?

umm there are a few babes, beer is good, mountains fun, other than that nothin

Whats Windells like during the summers?

haha PETES HOLE thats pretty much sums it up

What are ur plans for your snowboarding career?

get reall loose


What are ur plans for after snowboarding?

get even more loose

Do u want to focus more on filming or contests?

filming i hate contest,contest combo tricks 
(if there is free beer im there)

Who are ur top influences in snowboarding?

G.A.N.D.G.A.S. JUSTIN KENISTON, spicy babes

As a kid who did u look up to as a rider/person?

DROID!!! naw that dude sucks, scott E wittlake

Does Colorado get cold in a leather jacket and jeans?

well if yous a bitch ha, sometimes, not too bad i think im warm blooded or somethin

What would u do with a billion dollars?

beer,cigggs,snus,VEGAS, some more vegas, and just blow it, ohh and a fresh stiletto, other than that just blow it all on dumb shit money sucks


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